None of these textures have been created by me. I am re-hosting them as a service to members of the server. You should be able to find original credit in the .zip archives if the author left any to be found.


  1. Open Minecraft and login
  2. Click Mods and Texture Packs
  3. Open Texture Pack Folder
  4. Paste / Save .zip archives in this folder
  5. Close and Reopen Minecraft
  6. Return to Mods and Texture Packs
  7. Choose desired pack from the list
  8. ENJOY!

NOTE: These texture packs are out of date and are for v1.2. Any item or block released after 1.2 will not be visible.

  1. Custom Painterly Pack
  2. Original Painterly Pack
  3. Mine Effect - Modeled after Mass Effect (Texture Pack Only)
  4. Mine Effect (Contains a World Save modeling Nos Astra and the texture pack above)

Last Edited: 3/18/2011