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SERVER STATUS: Relaunched for v1.7.3

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   6:48 AM 8/12/2011   - Public Launch

Well here goes... Opening up the server to new players. I have added a forum and from this point onward, news will be posted there. Perhaps I'll even make this page look a bit cleaner.

   12:18 AM 7/18/2011   - Relaunch

I have restarted the server from scratch. I have however used the same map. I will be making this a semi-public server with a metropolis theme. Expect some bugs and a good number of server reboots while I setup the plugins.

   9:33 PM 6/12/2011   - End of project

This minecraft server is down and will remain down for the forseeable future. I may restart it in the future but I have no motivation to do so as I have moved on to other projects. Besides, it's not winter anymore and it's time to go outside.

   10:08 AM 4/9/2011   - Well, It broke...

While testing the plugins that I've updated, many commands do not work and do not behave properly. I am leaving the server off today so that nothing gets fubar even more. I'll work on it this weekend. I'll likely have to reinstall completely again and load the plugins from scratch. We'll see. Maybe MineOS will have it's update done by then?

   7:19 PM 4/8/2011   - Server updated to 1.4

Ok, so I got bukkit up to date, I am working on getting the plugins working and I will be restarting the server many times.

   8:05 PM 4/1/2011   - WTF...

SO sorry for the recent server interruption. <Rant> An angry hand toggled the breaker box a little while ago and totally killed the network. Had to manually restart everything and restore the connections. I love having to pull a server from the rack for a hard manual reset when I shouldn't have to. </End Rant>

Anyways, The server SHOULD be up by now. I cannot test as I have moved my client to 1.4 and don't have time before my roadtrip to rollback and fix. (see last entry about average login)

   2:51 PM 3/31/2011   - Mincraft 1.4 is here! YAY! No that's bad... GRRRR...

So, if you want to play on my server. You will have to be using 1.3_01 to do so. If you went OMG YES and clicked yes to update. (Or you're a slowpoke who never got the new launcher.) You are stuck with 1.4. I just figured out how to do the rollback to 1.3 for the other server I mod and IT WAS A PAIN. (To Figure out anyways) To fix this, download bin.zip. Follow my directions HERE. I tried logging in but got a timed out error. So I suspect the server is down. I don't have time to check this now nor do I care to until the average logins per day is not zero. (and nobody has whined yet.)

   12:09 PM 3/15/2011   - New commands!

Work on permissions is done and there are 31 new commands available to use. use "Server Commands" on the menu to the left to view the list. Next up: SHOPS!

   7:53 AM 3/13/2011   - Map Updated!

I updated the map. You'll notice that there is a new road in place. I plan on expanding areas to build into that area. The mobulator station is done, and work has started on the southbound tracks from the HK_Towers glass station. I am working on getting permissions working so that you guys have access to more plugin tools and I want to implement SHOPS.

   1:29 PM 3/7/2011   - Woot!

Well, I've been running bukkit all morning and haven't come across a block I cannot break yet. Ladders, levers, and buttons can be placed normally as well. I'd say we're good to go. I have worldguard installed so regions can be assigned again, but so far it's not really needed. (creeper explosions should be nerfed again if I turn hostile mobs back on.)

   7:42 AM 3/7/2011   - Possible return to Plugin Server.

I have been watching the bukkit forums and the block breaking issue should be solved. I am copying the world over to the bukkit server and will be testing today. If anyone notices issues of any kind, please let me know. (Block breaking issues especially) Ability to connect to the server will be off and on for a bit while I'm updating things.

   3:01 PM 2/25/2011   - Bughunting!

The bukkit mod manager is the cause of the problems with block deletion and with ladders. Until those bugs are patched, the server is loaded as a pure minecraft server with no mods.

   2:28 PM 2/25/2011   - REBUILD COMPLETE!

I have the new server up and running. Please test this and report any instances where you are unable to delete a block. The ladders issue is still going to occur. However, placing a ladder every other block should allow you to climb a wall even though the ladders themselves will be invisible.

   1:10 PM 2/25/2011   - PLANNED OUTAGE IN PROGRESS!

I have sterted the rebuild.

   7:36 PM 2/24/2011   - PLANNED OUTAGE!

At some point in the next 24 hours, expect the server to go down for maintenance. I will be loading a fresh set of software with a backup set and will load the world to both and will be testing.

   4:20 AM 2/24/2011

Due to issues with the WorldGuard mod and the new minecraft v1.3, creeper explosions are no longer nerfed and some other features are not working correctly. Therefore, I have disabled hostile mob spawning until this is fixed.

   12:46 AM 2/24/2011

Earlier today there had been a power outage causing the servers to go down requiring a manual reboot and restart. The server is up and running.

   4:35 AM 2/23/2011

Bukkit has been updated and the patch was applied successfully. The server is now online and works with client version 1.3.

   9:10 PM 2/22/2011

I did some more research and there are a few routes to go to get the server usable again. The easiest way would be to wait for bukkit to finish updating thier software to be compatible with server 1.3. An alternative would be to install a new server with out bukkit, convert the world and load it, then when bukkit is ready, we can HOPE that it is compatible. If not we would have to use tonights server backup and lose all future changes. Another method would be to run a rolled back version of the client until these changes are ready.

In the next few days, MineOS will have a new version and I may opt to do a fresh install with that to correct some past issues with auto-backups, server starting/stopping and updates. In the meantime, I'll keep on top of the status of these updates and will apply them ASAP.

   4:58 PM 2/22/2011

Well, manual update does not work. In addition, the mod system (craftbukkit) has not yet been updated to work with MC v1.3 yet. I also will likely have to wait for the MineOS developer to update his software as well as the new download link for the minecraft server.jar file has changed (possibly from http to https) I will try and get the server up again tonight, but no promises. Have no worries, I do have the world saves backed up.

   4:44 PM 2/22/2011

Today I found that the minecraft client has updated to Beta 1.3. Therefore an update to the server is needed as well. I am unable to automatically patch to the new version. Let's see what happens when I try this manually.

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