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This was my starting DJ gear.

This is why you don't buy a toyota. This isn't a one time thing, The frame on these trucks are welded in the middle and rot clean through the frame.

Get those junk "forward this crap or die" messages? Well send them this... They'll probably forward it anyways to see what happens.

So yeah here's our first adventure in the boat. started at the blue circle, followed the yellow path. then got stranded at the yellow circle and got towed in 2 hours later following the red line.

small size

Full Size of above image


Find the Cat!!!

Find the Cat!

Colorblind Test Results - Lower score is better...

Is that blue or purple?!

High Severity Ticket!!! GO GO GO!!!

I think I made it worse!


Yup... Helicopter hasn't learned to swim...

Last Edited: 8/21/2013